What Do You Require For Fat Dissolving Injection Training?
What Do You Require For Fat Dissolving Injection Training

Submental fullness, sometimes known as a double chin, results from excess body fat and can be aesthetically unpleasing. Causes of a double chin include genetics, excess weight, anatomy, and even how the neck and head are positioned regarding the airway. Many people are eager to remove their double chins because of the cosmetic distress it causes. However, not enough patients are willing to risk surgical intervention. Thanks to medical progress, medications like fat-dissolving injections have made it feasible for anyone to correct their double chin concerns through injections rather than surgery.

You are missing many opportunities if you don’t have fat-dissolving injection services in your medical clinic right now. The good thing is that Glo Academy is here to help you train your staff to become certified fat-dissolving injectors. Considering this approach, you can give your medical clinic an advantage over other competitors in your area. 

Qualifications For Fat Dissolving Injection Training

However, we do not just give injection training to whoever signs up. Before enrolling in the program, we need to see your staff’s qualifications. Here are some qualifications your staff needs to be in:

  • Level 3 Beauty Qualification
  • A Doctor of Medicine
  • A paramedic
  • A nurse
  • A pharmacist
  • A dental nurse
  • An SPMU/Aesthetic Practitioner with 12 months of experience.
  • An SPMU/Aesthetic Practitioner with six months of experience and qualification in Anatomy and Physiology Level 3.

While our academy teaches fat dissolving injections extensively, your staff must have these qualifications to prove that they are licensed to perform aesthetic procedures on patients and show they have the basics covered. 

Fat Dissolving Injection Training Course

Licensed medical professionals will learn from Glo Academy courses geared toward teaching them how to administer fat dissolving injections. You’ll always walk away from your interactions with us feeling more secure in your choice of injectables, no matter where you are on your path to beauty. All levels of experience, from beginner to expert, are accommodated in these classes, including plenty of time for hands-on learning and observation. Glo Academy’s mission is to deliver comprehensive, welcoming, and approachable training that will increase your competence as an injector, bearing in mind that art and science are essential to the practice.

Training in using our fat-dissolving injectables will provide you with the theoretical and practical expertise you need to begin assisting patients immediately. What we do in class varies depending on your expertise but often comprises the following.

  • Learning about fat dissolving injections and their mechanisms
  • Protocol on how these fat dissolving injections should be administered
  • Injection techniques with hands-on or observation opportunities
  • Pre and Post-treatment procedures
  • Client consultation protocols
  • Managing expectations and complaints procedure
  • Client pain management
  • Legal aspects, clinic cleanliness, sharps disposal, and any other clinical requirements

Frequently Asked Questions

We will offer more details about the course once you’ve signed up. In the meantime, here are some frequently asked questions that we’ve experienced regarding what the courses entail, and so here are some of them: 

How much profit can I get from offering fat-dissolving injections?

The typical return on investment for fat-dissolving injections is between $150 and $250. The dosage and the client-requested coverage area will be the determining factors. What’s more, customers must consistently receive many injections to achieve the best possible benefits. It is paramount to remember that this is not an attempt to make quick money; instead, customers need multiple treatment sessions to experience the product’s full benefits.

If you would like additional information, please speak with one of our trainers or investigate the specials offered by the local businesses in the area.

Who are my instructors?

Everyone on our teaching staff has worked in the cosmetics industry for at least twenty years, and many have much more. They all spend a significant amount of time at our beauty clinics and regularly engage in injection practice to maintain their expertise and keep their methods fresh.

Will I practice with a live model?

Yes. You will have the opportunity to put everything you’ve learned into practice on an actual human model while under the watchful eye of an experienced instructor. We offer promotional price reductions on our website as special deals on the service to meet the demand for our models. Please pass along our contact information to anyone you know who might be interested in pursuing being a model for the students. 

Before they are allowed to participate, models need to be aware that they must first satisfy several prerequisites. When you sign up for the class, you are welcome to ask further questions about the material covered.

What is the course experience like?

The theory that underpins all that we have been instructed will be the topic of our first discussion at the academy when we arrive in the morning. After that, you will get the opportunity to practice your new skills on a live model and see a live demonstration given by your instructor. By the end of the day, you will be aware of how to properly care for customers after supplying them with your new service, and your trainer will also have provided you with some ideas regarding how to market your business.

Private Training And Shadowing Program

We can tailor a course to your needs if you’re interested in learning about different kinds of injections. Each participant’s needs, goals, and interests will be considered as the program is designed. Office and staff training can also be incorporated into your individualized training session to ensure that all of the employees at your aesthetic clinic are well-versed in the procedures that drive your company’s success. Feel free to contact us whenever you have inquiries.

Our shadowing program is open to everyone interested in learning more and gaining confidence in their professional abilities. It’s a fantastic approach for newcomers to the aesthetics field to investigate their possibilities and acquire a sense of the market. Spend a day in the company of a Glo nurse and learn from their expertise firsthand. Observe and note how experts diagnose, talk to, and treat patients. All visitors are required to present a current and legitimate medical license.


Fat-dissolving injections are the rage these days, seeing that they can address double chin fat lumps without needing to commit to surgery. So if you are considering expanding your medical clinic to include this feature, don’t hesitate to contact and visit our academy, Glo Academy.

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