Restoring Facial Volume with Sculptra
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The terms “Runners Face” or “Ozempic Face” refer to a face that has obvious global volume
loss associated with weight loss. Loss of bone, fat, collagen, muscle and hyaluronic acid can all
take a toll on your skin and face. Don’t be discouraged, though, because there are some
solutions that can help restore your face without sacrificing your normal workouts or healthy
weight loss program.

I was an avid long-distance runner for a period of my life. Runners typically have low body fat
and thinner faces due to lack of fat, environmental factors and the theory that every time your
feet hit the pavement, your jowls bounce up and down, which can leave your skin sagging. My
running partner at the time ran her entire life and followed a healthy diet. Reflecting on our
morning runs, I remember a conversation that we had regarding her concerns that she felt like
due to running consistently, she was beginning to look older than she was. 8 years ago, I
responded that I knew Sculptra would be the solution so that she could continue doing what she
loves, thus restoring her depleted face so that she would ultimately feel more confident.

Sculptra (poly-L-lactic acid) is a biostimulator that addresses the underlying cause of facial
aging. Sculptra is an injectable that stimulates your body to create collagen that has been lost
due to the natural aging process. This results in progressive skin restoration, global volume
improvement and fullness. In addition to an overall healthy diet high in protein-rich foods,
increased water intake, SPF, and vitamin supplementation can all improve your results. The
Sculptra story is the journey to authentic rejuvenation from the inside out.

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