How Does Shadowing Training Help Learning And Development?
How Does Shadowing Training Help Learning And Development

Putting money into the people who work at your cosmetic clinic is one of the best ways to ensure its success and longevity. Investing in the professional advancement of one’s staff and making training and development a top priority may increase loyalty, talent retention, and team member engagement. Your team’s improved abilities will help you stay ahead of the competition.

You and your staff must be up-to-date on the latest techniques, products, and procedures in the cosmetics sector. You may assist yourself and your organization tremendously by becoming certified, attending trade events, and taking advantage of factory training in new cosmetic equipment, such as lasers for cosmetics. 

Employees can update their knowledge in a variety of ways, for as, by taking courses to hone their customer service and sales skills or by researching cutting-edge products and services. There are a variety of methods of teaching, and one of them is by making them experience Shadowing Training. 

What Is Shadowing Training?

In general, shadowing is a straightforward method of demonstrating the routine tasks in a given profession. Many students and recent grads turn to shadow training for guidance in deciding on a major or a professional path. Individuals currently in the workforce considering a career switch might also benefit from shadowing training.

Providing such information is to help people make the most optimal choice possible given their circumstances and desired outcomes. Those participating in shadowing may be curious about the nature of a specific career, the kind of tasks performed daily, whether or not those tasks align with the participants’ personal preferences, etc. 

We were shooting for something slightly unusual. The primary goal of our shadowing training program is to develop the specialized abilities necessary for applying cosmetics correctly. Successful collaboration amongst participants requires each member to have an intimate familiarity with the tasks, strengths, and limitations of the others. 

Participating In Shadow Training

In the cosmetic clinic, shadowing training could be helpful for new hires and long-term staff interested in learning more about the many roles performed there. An esthetician, for instance, might have said that they’d like to try something new but are on the fence about leaving their current job and safe income for something with more risk.

The team member’s apprehension about the new and unusual jobs can be reduced if they are given a thorough introduction to them through shadowing. Therefore, shadowing training is effective when it is aimed to provide employees with chances for progress through job transfers or lateral moves.

As part of their shadowing training, interns at a cosmetic clinic should observe and assist with a wide range of tasks. (If an intern is made to sit at a desk and execute the same chores for the whole period of their time with the company, it indicates poor planning and an ineffective internship.)

Training by shadowing allows you to gain firsthand knowledge of your cosmetic clinic’s operations from 9 to 5. New hires can learn what working a given shift entails and how to deal with issues like missed orders and lunch breaks by “shadowing” an existing team member on their first day. As a more subtle kind of on-the-job training, “shadowing” allows new hires to learn the ins and outs of their roles by observing and assisting more experienced workers.

Shadowing Training Effectiveness

In my experience, the outcomes of shadowing sessions are always positive. When onboarding new employees or training existing ones for new positions within the cosmetic clinic, the standard practice is to review each employee’s responsibilities and the processes that should be followed.

Even if a new hire is extremely motivated and eager to please, showing them rather than telling them how things are done is more effective. An effective training program depends on the trainee’s ability to remember every process step.

Shadowing a more seasoned employee is a great way to get up to speed quickly on the ins and outs of a new position. A new employee follows norms and regulations. During the training period, new hires can “shadow” an experienced worker to gain exposure to real-world tasks.

One method of learning about a task is through hearing about it, while another is through observing it being performed—which of the two do you think is more effective? It’s best to immediately get a recruit involved in as many parts of the job as they can to start contributing directly.

Types Of Shadowing Training

The time and resources available to your cosmetic clinic will typically define the kind of work you observe and learn about during your shadowing training session. Nevertheless, you can still expect these types to appear during your program: 

  • Observation: You will spend some time shadowing your host at their place of employment, learning about their typical day. Estheticians interested in learning more about a specific field might benefit significantly from this form of shadowing.
  • Hands-On Experience: Hands-on shadowing is the next step after witnessing someone perform a task, where the observer performs the task alongside the host but with the host providing guidance and feedback. If your clinic signs up for our program, we’ll ensure that every worker gets hands-on experience.
  • Briefings: You will be given a quick briefing, and a debriefing before and after a while spent shadowing a host for predetermined tasks. 

What Glo Academy Offers

With Glo Academy’s shadowing program, you can spend the day with Amy Lynn, RN, CANS, one of the top 100 injectors in the world and a recognized leader in the aesthetics business. Learn from Amy’s professional techniques and watch as she goes about her day as she administers injections to patients. Through this individualized teaching method, students can witness their patients’ aesthetic progress from the initial evaluation through therapy.

The average length of a shadowing day for us is four hours. Not all treatments or procedures can be displayed at every appointment, but Amy will always make time for you to ask questions and get answers. So if you are interested in expanding your cosmetic clinic’s services and teaching your staff with those said services, consider contacting and visiting Glo Academy today!

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